Green Tara Maa Healing


Choosing Green Tara Maa healing is a decision rooted in the pursuit of compassion, protection, and emotional well-being. Green Tara embodies the essence of mercy and offers solace for emotional challenges.



She is a symbol of courage and fearlessness in the face of life’s obstacles. Whether seeking physical healing, spiritual growth, or personal transformation, Green Tara provides a supportive, nurturing presence. Her practice can empower individuals to navigate life’s complexities and nurture a sense of inner peace, making it a valuable choice for those seeking emotional and spiritual balance.


Please note:

1. Booking slots are available from 12 PM to 7 PM, Monday through Saturday.

2. Any bookings made on Saturday will be processed and completed by the following Monday.

3. Our services are not available on Sundays.

Bank Account Details :

If your booking fails, you can also make the payment using the provided bank details:
NamePriyanka Sharma
A/C No.038863200000011
BankYes Bank
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